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Mosquito Control Columbus Ohio

Most people hate mosquitoes and rightfully so.  Believe it or not, mosquitoes are responsible for more deaths than any animal in human history.  That is because mosquitoes carry Malaria.  Of course chances are if you are reading this you live in the United States, and therefore the chances of you having Malaria or dying because of it are extremely small.

Mosquitoes are attracted by several things.  Studies have shown that carbon dioxide can attract mosquitoes, as well as standing water and cool, damp places are where mosquitoes love to breed and bite.  There are certain candles, torches, and sprays you can use to prevent mosquitoes, however sometimes you need full on mosquito control in Columbus, Ohio and need a company to do heavy spraying.

We have experience in all types of pest control and mosquito control and we also take into account the type of activity you will be having–a sports event, an outside event, a party–whatever the case, and understand that you do not want their to be any harm done to animals, children, or people.  We also understand that while people hate mosquitoes, a nasty small of mosquito fogger is unpleasant so talk to us first before we do any type of spraying.

Whether you need residential mosquito control, commercial mosquito control, industrial mosquito control we’ve got you covered.  Contact us today at (614) 427-1677 to learn more about the mosquito treatments we offer and how we can help you control any mosquito problems you might be having in Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding counties.

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